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  • ReStackor      [www.shimrestackor.com]
    • Software to tune a Shim Stack

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 Valving Logic    
  • Valvinglogic is committed to taking the guesswork out of motorcycle suspension tuning by providing fact based suspension information. 
    • Modeled around dirt bike suspensions, but applicable to other designs.
  • The site started in 2004 giving riders and tuners from around the world access to detailed and in depth suspension tuning information by providing basic dimensions for all internal components that control damping as well as detailed dyno and pressure data for various fork and shock configurations.
  • Dyno and pressure testing has always been front and center.  Information gained from this testing is invaluable.  Having actual compression and rebound force numbers allows you to quantify valving changes and makes it easier to analyze rider feedback.
  • Our goal has always to been to incorporate dyno and pressure data into the testing process.  It does not replace seat of the pants testing, in merely enhances it.
  • Due to increased cost, Level 1 - free is no longer available.
  • We now maintain two levels of access.
    • Level 2:    $96 per year   ($8 per month)
      • From 2001 to present there are over 1300 model dirt bikes. 
      • Valvinglogic does not have detailed information for all bikes. 
        • Some bikes have little or no info. 
        • A few bikes have partial info.
        • Many bikes have very detailed info. 
      • The following is available on Level 2.  Click the links below to see a list of bikes with this information:
        • Stock valve stacks.
        • Stock dyno.
        • Images and basic dimensions of internal fork and shock components.
      • [List of Fork Records and Available Information]
      • [List of Shock Records and Available Information]
  • Level 3:   email for details   (If Chrome opens, you can fix on your computer:  Start > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate file type. . > change MAILTO)
    • Level 3 does not have information for all bikes.  In addition to the links above, also see:
    • Level 3 is designed for tuners wanting to fully understand every aspect of a bikes suspension.  Information is presented in a straight forward and easy to understand manner.  Level 3 contains detailed information including, but not limited to:
      • Stock and modified valve stacks.
      • Shock leverage ratios.
      • Dyno and pressure data.
        • Pressure data allows the breakdown of compression forces into their four main parts:
        •    compression force  (fork midvalve force)
        •    compression adjuster force  (fork base valve force)
        •    gas force (fork inner chamber spring force)
        •    drag force
          • Access to these individual forces gives a new understanding of how suspensions work.
      • Suspension response calculations.
        • Response calculations allow us to compare an existing setup with an 'ideal' setup.
        • We can also create 'target' damping curves, giving us a baseline setting to shoot for based on past experience and 'ideal' suspension response parameters.
          • Response calculations are enhanced by pressure data and related breakdown of forces.
  • The valvinglogic focus going forward will be complete and precise analysis and testing on select model bikes.