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  • Thanks to all who have used the valvinglogic website. The site started in 2004 giving riders and tuners from around the world the ability to share suspension tuning information and data. The valvinglogic database has served as a hub for that effort by providing basic dimensions for all internal components that control damping along with detailed dyno data for each fork and shock configuration. We have maintained three levels of access.
    • Level 1 - basic info - free.
    • Level 2 - intermediate info - fee based.
    • Level 3 - advanced info - fee based.
  • In the beginning it was simple. KYB and Showa used the same basic fork and shock configuration for all models. As upgrades were released the database was updated along with dyno data for each new fork and shock configuration. Then the SFF fork hit. The database was reprogrammed to accept single function damping and tools were developed to make appropriate comparisons between single function and dual function forks. The same for PSF and TAC air forks: reprogram; remeasure; and modify the database structure.
  • Then KTM's were added.  Their internals were slightly different and more changes were needed.  
  • Around 2012 I started pressure testing.  That was an eye opener, so the site was reprogrammed once again to accept pressure data. Select bikes now have basic dimensions of internal parts, shim stacks, detailed dyno test data and pressure data for each chamber in a fork or shock.
  • Most recently, suspension response calculations have been added.  This was another eye opener.  As you can guess, more programming.  
  • With all these changes, the site has turned into a quagmire of over 1500 pages. There are sections set up to compare and analyze pressure data. Tools were designed for comparison of the various fork and shock components as well as suspension response calculations. The database itself contains over 100 tables and 1800 columns of data. That has made maintaining the database very complex and time consuming considering the wide range of bike models with constantly-changing suspension components. 
  • So for the first time in 14 years, I'm shutting down Level 1 access and refocusing future efforts on intermediate Level 2 and detailed Level 3 tuning. The valvinglogic focus going forward will be complete and precise analysis and testing of a few selected bike models. 


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4CS fork - setting oil level
4CS fork - spring preload
4CS kit explanation
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7-9-2018     kevinstillwell [6] 1
As I mentioned, we have closed Level 1. Not sure how much the site gets used, so I thought it only fair to put up this section for anyone who might have comments or questions.
7-9-2018     twisti3s [2495] 2
Hi Mate loved using level 1 to check stock shim stacks and compare them, think is a shame to see this site close. Moto Melbourne
7-9-2018     kevinstillwell [6] 3
Nice to hear you found it useful. Another reason I'm shutting it down is the website programming language. Started the site in 2004 knowing very little about databases. I was a suspension tuner, not computer programmer. So I purchased software that did all the complex coding. Click a button and it writes the code. But just like bikes changing every few years, programming languages also change. The code used from 2004 has now expired (official term is deprecated). That means the code is slowly being phased out and at some point will no longer work. The new focus will be updating the website and database to meet these new standards as we move forward offering improvements to intermediate Level 2 access as well as more detailed Level 3 analysis.
7-9-2018     Uncle Fen [58] 4
Kevin your always a wealth of info.Sad day. But I fully understand. Is there still going to be a fee based section, and if so can you e-mail me the pricing. Thanks for all you do. Ken Bates. KBR Suspension
7-10-2018     kevinstillwell [6] 5
Ken, too early to tell how this will play out. Got a lot of planning and decisions to make. I'll let you know when I have something solid.
7-11-2018     serg528 [601] 6
For years i used level one as base line reference. Thank you for your effort. So sad to see all that useful information disappear. perhaps an access fee should be charged to bring back level 1?
7-12-2018     kevinstillwell [6] 7
Thanks. When I first started the site the goal was for it to be free and not have any annoying ads. That was probably a mistake as free has resulted in no professional upgrades to the site, and now it's outdated. The irony is all the info is still sitting there, just difficult to access. Working on options.